Z License

Care for the elderly and disabled is often very taxing for people to take for them. Often they need additional products to assist them. They turn to ID bracelets, but their information is often to vague for anybody to proceed with care.

Z License is a product that will replace he ID bracelet. Eventually the ID bracelet is going to be obsolete. The Z license, through computer innovation will provide emergency personnel a complete medical history. This will aid them to help the loved one more proficiently.

Here is how it works!

Join under my link.  Z License Link

  1. Z License will send you an affiliate link. Store it, you will need it.
  2. When your sleeve arrives, go to your link, sign in and click on activate located in the top tool bar.
  3.  Put in the code located on the sleeve.
  4.  When you enter it you will receive three pages for you to fill  out.
  5.  When you are done, save your information.
  6.  Have your loved one wear the sleeve always.
  7.  His medical history and emergency contact numbers will follow him/her where ever they go.
  8. Your done!!!!

Well not quite done. The link I asked you to save can be marketed by you to anybody else that has a need. All you need is pay a small upgrade fee and you can make money the same as I! It can be very lucrative. When you become a paid affiliate, I will send you additional marketing materials to get you started. I will always be there to assist. Basically to start, show your link to any and every body you can. Additionally, you can make residual income from your down line sales.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see you in my down line soon!


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